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Techniques in PCB Assembly

If you are planning to do DIY PCB assembly, here are some techniques to help you out. Mainly, the success of your project will be dependent on following appropriate guidelines in CAD, lighting, cleanliness, and use of hand tools.

CAD considerations

PCBWhen it comes to PCB assembly, you will need to apply some alterations at the CAD level first so the succeeding techniques will also work.For one, if you plan to do the drilling manually or through your hands, the VIA pads must measure a diameter of at least 55mil to 60mil.

The SMT rectangular pads will then have to be longer. This way, they will be protruding out. This is necessary as well for the pads to be visible when your device is sitting on it. So when you are doing manual soldering, you will be able to observe and create a good quality and reliable joint.


In terms of lighting, your best option is the 60W desk lamps. Use 2 of these and place one on each side of your work area. Make sure that you place the low to the bench in order to achieve maximum intensity. With that, you will have a well-lit work area. Plus, you will have no shadows to worry about.

Also a consideration in lighting is proper visual inspection. Find a good spot where you can set up and that will also go well with the light set up. Keep in mind that in PCB assembly, you will be relying heavily on your eyes. So the more illumination you have, the better you see, and the more efficient your work can become.


In whatever project you are doing, keep in mind that cleanliness is very important. Keep your tools and work area clean. Tools and equipment must be placed properly in order to avoid accidents.

The pads must be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol and a soft toothbrush in order to get rid of the oxides. The latter can react adversely with your soldering. Also, an essential information to remember is that PCB will reoxidize within just an hour. Hence, you must do the cleaning right just before your soldering work.

Hand tools

If you do not plan to take soldering as a hobby, investing in the basic tools and equipment for your PCB assembly should suffice.One, the soldering iron. The modern temperature controlled version will do. Just make sure that the solder tip is pointed so that you will be able to reach even individual SMT joints. Plus, the pointed tips come with the added advantage of less capacity for heat.

Next, the tweezers. Do not ever use sharp tweezers because they can cause damage to delicate SMT resistors. On the other hand, the ones with flat ends are highly recommended.For the solder braid, go for the one with the narrowest grade. The fat versions will take longer time to heat up. This can, in turn, damage the pads.

Inspection eyeglasses

An X8 magnification will suffice for PCB assembly. Higher magnifications will not give you ample board area. You will also find inspection eyeglasses that come with a built-in measuring capability. This will serve you will in checking on the PCB pad as well as drill hole sizes.

Printed-circuit-boardsCut and crop tool

You may heard of this as the Cut and Clench tool, or the Cut and Crimp tool. Basically, they are all the same and for the same purpose. You will use this to squash the wire flat before making cuts above it.

Heat gun

This will come handy when you need to remove or rework SMT components. It comes in two forms—the paint strippers, and the hot air tools. The former is for removing bigger SMT devices or heating larger surfaces areas. On the other hand, the latter is for heating smaller areas and smaller SMT devices.


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Custom Embroidered Patches – A Little Bit of Everything

Well, you probably know that custom embroidered patches are typically seen on uniforms. However, you do know that they have other uses  too? In this article, you will discover the different uses of these remarkable add- ons to everyday wear. Why bother learning about all these? You might just come up with a new marketing concept. It’s also possible that you’d finally get that great gift idea that you’ve been looking for quite some time now. So, what are you waiting for? Read on.

1. Repair Solutions

Have you heard about people using custom embroidered patches to fix their jeans, or even their pants? Truth be told, these add- ons are perfect for that purpose. Aside from sewing them onto ripped parts, you may also iron them to fix them in place. Of course, you’ll have to choose the appropriate kind of patch depending on your goal, and depending on how strong you need the repair to be. Rest assured though, that any reputable patch maker will be willing to help you out in choosing among the various types. Just let them know that you’re going to use the patches for fixing things.

2. Spread Awareness

Custom Embroidered Patch Whether you’re aiming to spread awareness regarding a cause or you’re thinking of reminding the public that your brand exists, going for these custom embroidered patches is the smart choice. Aside from being rather cheap, they’re among the easiest to attach to almost anything that’s made of fabric (and you’ve previously learned about the different attachment or backing options available to you). Surely though, you won’t be able to spread awareness simply by putting things on shirts and caps. You’ll need add -ons that are easy enough to see. They should come in multiple sizes. Detail and design should be customize able as well. You will be glad to know all those can be found in custom embroidered patches.

3 .Thank Your Clients

Wouldn’t it leave a positive impact if you’d give “thank you” gifts to your clients? The problem with most gifts given as such though, is that they’re easily forgotten. The point here is that you need something which will leave an impact and will stay in the minds of your customers for years to come. Surely, if you give them custom-made patches, they’ll remember you for a really long time. Why? They’ve probably never received such a unique gift from any company. Even if they did, there’s a good chance that yours is among the few who chose to hand out patches to customers.

There’s no denying that custom embroidered patches are among the most versatile things on the market right now. However, despite their sheer customize ability and regardless of the various purposes they serve, it’s still necessary to think thoroughly before investing in them. After all, having many options means that there are also much more chances for you to make the wrong one.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Fortunately for you, there’s this simple guide you could follow:
Consider the size of your logo and patch – The bigger your logo, and the bigger the patch, the more you’ll have to spend. Also, there’s the issue of size – it might look too big for the shirt or cap you’re planning to put it on. Try to check the ideal size by creating mock ups and measuring them.
You’ll also need to take detail into account – The less detailed your patch is, the cheaper it will be. Of course, it wouldn’t be an option to make your logo simpler just to reduce the complexity and cost of the entire patch-marking process. The best thing to do if your logo’s a bit too detailed, is to opt for another kind of patch – the one made by printing.
Think about the options available to you, particularly in terms of manufacturers – While there are advantages to choosing a nearby patch maker, don’t ever assume that closer manufacturers provide better rates. After all, shipping isn’t an issue in most cases, especially if you’re planning to place bulk orders. It is true though, that getting patches from a brick-and-mortar shop could make communication much easier, compared to carrying out entire transactions online.

As long as you take these into account, you shouldn’t have a hard time choosing among the many patches and patch manufacturers. In addition, your chances of getting the order exactly the way you want becomes much higher, as long as you think thoroughly before placing an order. Remember, rushing things will only lead to disappointment, even when it comes to these fascinating additions to common everyday garments.


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Must-haves of a Good Keynote Speaker

With the abundance of companies vying for the top spot in the corporate world, it is important for a specific business entity to provide great services that will stand out among the rest. However, it is a common problem that employees are not well equipped with handling pressure and competition. This results to physical and mental fatigue, as well as to the decline of the performance at work. Many employees are also discouraged to do their best and to put their greatest efforts because of the weight of stress they are going through. In order to prevent or combat this situation, companies may call for a good keynote speaker to fire up the spirits of their employees.

This article from will expound on several factors that good keynote speakers must have in order to keep employees and company leaders inspired and focused in dominating their industry.


The first and most important must-have of great keynote speakers is experience. Apart from experience in giving inspirational messages, it is significant to have experience specifically in the world of business. Credibility is the number one factor when it comes to speakers, so ensuring that the speaker has enough experience to give messages about a specific field is important. Furthermore, the speaker can empathize with the people, so his or her speech is oriented with real-life situations. Our speakers from have proven a great record of accomplishment in the corporate world and they have firsthand experiences in overcoming problems that commonly arise within the company.

Keynote Speaker


Another must-have of a good keynote speaker is the versatility in speaking in front of a small or large group of people with diverse personalities and backgrounds. Versatility is pivotal in connecting with everybody – from those of the lowest to the highest job positions. A great keynote speaker like ours from can reach out to every individual in the crowd, as if he or she is speaking directly to the person. This tool allows the employees to absorb the full message of the speaker.

Sense of Humor

The ability to catch the attention of the crowd in an entertaining way is also necessary for every good keynote speaker. Because he or she usually deals with serious, challenging problems and communication concerns, putting in laughter in the middle of the speech will definitely lighten the mood of the crowd. Furthermore, people tend to pay more attention with humorous speeches than with dull and serious ones. With entertaining speakers motivating employees at company conferences, the employees who have undergone stress in work will not feel that the event is an extension of their jobs. Instead, they will feel that these speakers will help them overcome their worries in an experience-oriented yet fun way.

Good Keynote Speaker


Furthermore, great speakers must possess self-confidence. When the speaker is able to carry himself or herself in a confident and engaging manner, people are enticed to listen carefully. Additionally, confident speakers stress several points that monotonous ones do not. Therefore, it is vital to hire keynote speakers who can confidently give inspiring messages to the employees. Our speakers from are equipped with self-confidence to leave lasting impressions.


Lastly, influence plays a vital role in keynote speeches. A good keynote speaker can convince an individual to improve his or her performance at work. This is significant because the attitude of the employees towards their job is a huge determinant in the success of the company. Furthermore, great speakers will also help the company leaders enhance their leadership skills. Therefore, our influential speakers impart powerful speeches that can influence the audience to work efficiently.

Our speakers possess the listed factors above. We can provide speakers who can further fuel the attitude of the employees when it comes to their jobs. We believe that a speaker from our company will help the business flourish. It is important to invest in human capital, so hiring great keynote speakers will indeed make a difference. Visit to know more about how we can turn the tables for your company.


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Taking Good Care of Your Golf Grips

There is a great variety of golfing equipments used by a golf player from an assortment of golf accessories, golf balls and even golf clubs. Good maintenance of these equipments is a must to save you lots of bucks. One of the gears a golfer usually forgets to maintain is the golf grip. It’s easy to overlook this tiny piece of comfort since most amateur golfers think that grips are made to last as long as the whole golf club is in one piece.

In a golf club, the grip is the only part touched by a golfer. As such, it’s prone to wear and tear with regular trainings and competitions. Maintaining golf grips in a high quality condition helps golfers of any level feel comfortable and confident with the swings made.

Golf Accessories

Cleaning Your Golf Grips

Cleaning your golf grip comes in five easy steps and the result will be as good as new.

  • STEP 1: Prepare a bucket half-full of soapy water. Mix enough mild soap in a bucket of water until its bubbly.
  • STEP 2: Soak the towel in the bucket of soapy water. Make sure that the towel will be really soapy.
  • STEP 3: Rub the soapy towel against the golf grip. Just like using a soapy towel for rubbing your skin when taking a bath, make sure that you’ve rubbed every inch of the grip to remove every dirt build-up.
  • STEP 4: Rinse the golf grip with clean running water. You can rinse it either with a hose or in a faucet of running water. Make sure that you rinsed the grip completely, removing all dirt and soap on it.
  • STEP 5: Dry the golf grip. You can pat it dry with a clean towel then let it air dry or just let it air dry for 12 to 24 hours. When it’s dry, it will be good as new again.
Replacing Your Old Golf Grips

Sometimes, cleaning your old grip is not enough. Due to regular use, wear and tear will inevitably happen. You’ll know when to replace you old golf grip when there are too smooth or too rough spots on the grip surface.

  • Golf GripsSTEP 1: Removing the Old Grip
    To remove the worn out grip, you need a sharp blade to cut through the golf grip from its bottom to top. Make sure to be extra careful when cutting through it, especially when the shaft is made with graphite as you can also cut through it and destroy it totally. After removing the old grip, there will be some residue of grip adhesive left behind. Dissolve this with solvents like mineral spirits or some grip tape remover that is most likely available in golf stores.
  • STEP 2: Cleaning and Marking the Shaft
    Once the grip tape is completely removed, clean the shaft by wiping with a clean towel. Make sure there are no residues left for a smooth, bump-free application of the new grip. Take out your new grip and place it side by side with the shaft. Mark the shaft until the length where you’ll be placing your new grip.
  • STEP 3: Placing on the New Golf Grip
    Now that you’re prepped up, start the re-gripping process by applying on layers of new grip tape. Opt for a double sided grip tape for a tighter and more secured fit. Apply generous amount of mineral spirit on top of the tape and inside the new grip to make sliding a lot easier. Slide on the new grip quickly.
  • STEP 4: Aligning the New Grip
    Some grips are made ribbed. Meaning it has features or edges that need to be lined up precisely to the shaft. It needs to be in its proper position to ensure comfortable fit in your hands. If you’re new grip is ribbed, just simply twist the grip in place.

Aside from saving money, re-gripping your golf grip is an experience you’ll be really proud of. It’s so easy to learn plus you’ll benefit from adjusting the grip to feel perfect on your hands. To find great array of new golf grips as replacements, visit


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Food Trucks’ Role in Our Culture and the Advantages They Bring to the Public

Food trucks are by far the latest innovation in mobile food industry. Its concept is that the chef will cook on the spot and immediately serve the food while it is fresh or hot. Food is an indispensible part of our lives and we deserve to get the proper nutrition from it so we can function well. We should give thanks to these food truck owners and chefs who add a variety of taste in the meals they serve. We opt for food trucks because of its nostalgic effect to us in that we miss the home-made dishes of someone relevant in our lives. We miss the culture we belong to. That is for sure if we are a foreigner in a specific country, but we do not have to worry as there might be food trucks in which our favorite meal is available, even if that meal is not native in the area we are currently a resident of.

Food trucks can provide us the type of culture we are looking for wherever we are in the world. In the US, food trucks are prevalent, and it even comes to a point in which food trucks are seen in special events like fairs, trades and conventions, concerts, and other occasions where there is a large number of people present.


Food trucks even participate in competitions in which people have the access to taste each of the particular food the food truck offers. Some food trucks may offer rare find foods which we can also find in expensive restaurants. In food-related events, food trucks gather to provide a variety of dishes and to participate in the purpose of the event: to unite all the cultures in the world. People enjoy these events, and the swarming of people at the food trucks present at the venue of the event indicates how we value and appreciate dishes that are well-prepared. We thank the chefs who are knowledgeable and skilled at cooking and creating their specialty dishes.

Having retired from being part of a restaurant, chefs choose to have their own food truck business so they can make gourmet dishes available for those who can’t afford these dishes in a restaurant.

As our job requires more labor that we can’t afford to travel by feet, we choose to order foods from food trucks. Not only do they provide delicious meals but also we can see the effort of them creating a nutritious food. Some of us are vegetarians, but we do not have to find restaurants serving what we ought to consume. We may want to search online for food trucks offering vegetarian dishes and we might find out where these food trucks usually park or travel.

Since it is the chefs who cook and prepare the dishes, we expect that we be served with delectable dishes with quality ingredients. They know what they are serving to the public, and their concern is the health of the people. As consumers, we have the advantage of eating a meal at an affordable price. Not only that; we are amazed about the way our meals are prepared and cooked by a professional chef.


Food trucks have become famous because of our feedback on social media platforms, with our mentioning of the name of a specific food truck business. Food truck business owners owe it to the blogs about their food truck business. It is the voice of the customers that matter, but owners can promote their food truck business further by them creating a website with their food truck business details like where the food truck usually parks, at what time does it operate and what type of foods it specializes in.

Even if we have social media accounts to update the public, it makes a difference to have the name of our food truck business readily appear on the search engine results page. If we have a website of our food truck business, it pays to know how to do the right way to market our products through the Internet.

More and more people have gone mobile, and we find it convenient to use apps that can track where a specific food truck is. We stay updated through the mobile apps that enables for connectivity to social networks. We can say that the mobile food industry has gone mobile, too, and that is because we find it convenient to have our mobile phones anywhere we go and access the apps whenever we want.

Food truck business people should learn how to listen to their customers and interact with them through social media apps or platforms. They have the advantage of parking their food truck somewhere else and they do not have the difficulty of finding a place where there are lots of people, but their location should be made known to those on social media or on their food truck business’s website.