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Advertising Policy


The guidelines stated herein are meant to make clear what ads are acceptable or not acceptable on


Genie Trucks would like to maximize revenue from advertising on this website, so whenever possible, we will allow advertising.

However, we need to clearly ensure that the manner of accepting and displaying ads will not create a conflict with other operational objectives or more dominant policy.

The expectation is that we consider most advertising from food and food truck industries to be acceptable. Any ads must adhere to all relevant regulations and should not create a conflict with the goals and priorities of Genie Trucks.

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Advertisements for betting or gambling services are not allowed.

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We will also not accept ads that we consider as mocking of individuals or groups that contain subtext or innuendo, which may be offensive, regardless of tone.

The specific categories of products, services or organizations that may not advertise on include:


  • Alcohol
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  • Pornography and adult content

Types of Organizations:

  • Lobby groups
  • Political organizations
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of alcohol
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of tobacco products

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