Custom Embroidered Patches – A Little Bit of Everything

Well, you probably know that custom embroidered patches are typically seen on uniforms. However, you do know that they have other uses  too? In this article, you will discover the different uses of these remarkable add- ons to everyday wear. Why bother learning about all these? You might just come up with a new marketing concept. It’s also possible that you’d finally get that great gift idea that you’ve been looking for quite some time now. So, what are you waiting for? Read on.

1. Repair Solutions

Have you heard about people using custom embroidered patches to fix their jeans, or even their pants? Truth be told, these add- ons are perfect for that purpose. Aside from sewing them onto ripped parts, you may also iron them to fix them in place. Of course, you’ll have to choose the appropriate kind of patch depending on your goal, and depending on how strong you need the repair to be. Rest assured though, that any reputable patch maker will be willing to help you out in choosing among the various types. Just let them know that you’re going to use the patches for fixing things.

2. Spread Awareness

Custom Embroidered Patch Whether you’re aiming to spread awareness regarding a cause or you’re thinking of reminding the public that your brand exists, going for these custom embroidered patches is the smart choice. Aside from being rather cheap, they’re among the easiest to attach to almost anything that’s made of fabric (and you’ve previously learned about the different attachment or backing options available to you). Surely though, you won’t be able to spread awareness simply by putting things on shirts and caps. You’ll need add -ons that are easy enough to see. They should come in multiple sizes. Detail and design should be customize able as well. You will be glad to know all those can be found in custom embroidered patches.

3 .Thank Your Clients

Wouldn’t it leave a positive impact if you’d give “thank you” gifts to your clients? The problem with most gifts given as such though, is that they’re easily forgotten. The point here is that you need something which will leave an impact and will stay in the minds of your customers for years to come. Surely, if you give them custom-made patches, they’ll remember you for a really long time. Why? They’ve probably never received such a unique gift from any company. Even if they did, there’s a good chance that yours is among the few who chose to hand out patches to customers.

There’s no denying that custom embroidered patches are among the most versatile things on the market right now. However, despite their sheer customize ability and regardless of the various purposes they serve, it’s still necessary to think thoroughly before investing in them. After all, having many options means that there are also much more chances for you to make the wrong one.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Fortunately for you, there’s this simple guide you could follow:
Consider the size of your logo and patch – The bigger your logo, and the bigger the patch, the more you’ll have to spend. Also, there’s the issue of size – it might look too big for the shirt or cap you’re planning to put it on. Try to check the ideal size by creating mock ups and measuring them.
You’ll also need to take detail into account – The less detailed your patch is, the cheaper it will be. Of course, it wouldn’t be an option to make your logo simpler just to reduce the complexity and cost of the entire patch-marking process. The best thing to do if your logo’s a bit too detailed, is to opt for another kind of patch – the one made by printing.
Think about the options available to you, particularly in terms of manufacturers – While there are advantages to choosing a nearby patch maker, don’t ever assume that closer manufacturers provide better rates. After all, shipping isn’t an issue in most cases, especially if you’re planning to place bulk orders. It is true though, that getting patches from a brick-and-mortar shop could make communication much easier, compared to carrying out entire transactions online.

As long as you take these into account, you shouldn’t have a hard time choosing among the many patches and patch manufacturers. In addition, your chances of getting the order exactly the way you want becomes much higher, as long as you think thoroughly before placing an order. Remember, rushing things will only lead to disappointment, even when it comes to these fascinating additions to common everyday garments.


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