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Terms and Disclaimer

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Accuracy of Information

The Company makes all the effort to make sure the information in the Website is correct. However, the Company makes no representations, or any kind of warranties, either implied or expressed, as to its accuracy. is not responsible or liable for any inconvenience, damage, or loss caused by omissions or errors in the content of the Website or due to reliance on this content or any other information on the Website. Users must check any information before relying or acting on it.

Privacy Policy

The Website does not take or store any personal information. In order to measure the most popular pages, the Company keeps track of the IP addresses of users. An IP address is not linked to any personal information, so all Website users remain anonymous.

Visitors of the Website may opt to volunteer their personal information (data from which they can be identified, such as name, address, and email address) so that Genie Trucks can offer services or for correspondence. This information will only be used for the purpose of which it is provided, compliant with the responsibilities of the Company under the Data Protection Act. Genie Trucks will only hold user’s information for these purposes as long as necessary and will not distribute it to other parties, except when this is made clear to the user. uses cookies, which are small pieces of files created on your device upon accessing the Website. Cookies do not have any personal information. They are only used by the Company for statistical purposes as mentioned above.


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The Responsibility of Genie Trucks

Users may browse the Website at their own risk. The Company does not give any warranty that access to the Website will not experience interruption without notice.

Genie Trucks will not be responsible for any loss that is caused by the access to or failure to access the Website.

Genie Trucks will not be liable for any disruption, damage to, or loss, or any virus that may infect, user’s computer system or data or other properties because of access to the Website or downloading any content from the Website.

Links to Other Websites

On the Website, Genie Trucks may include links to relevant organizations that the users may find useful. However, because there are numerous websites all over the world, the Company imposes guidelines to help ensure consistency and fairness.

  • Internal Links – links to other parts of the Internal links may also be called related pages.
  • External links – links to other websites not owned by Genie Trucks or do not have control over, but may be useful for the users.

As a general rule, the Company tries to link to not-for-profit or non-commercial websites. does not usually link to websites that are not free to access. does not link to external websites in return for services, cash, or other considerations in kind.

The Company is not liable for the reliability, availability, or content of external sites and does not necessarily support the views stated within them.

Links may be made to from organizational or personal websites. So that the viewers are able to see the latest information, the Company requests that you link to instead of downloading parts of it to a different web server.

If you see a link that you think should not be on, please contact us immediately. Likewise, if you want to request a link from, please let us know, but be reminded that the above criteria will apply.