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What kind of news do we provide?

We do our best to always provide you only with useful and the latest tidbits about mobile food business. Most of our news updates are about the following:

Food truck case study – this is all about what it is really like to put up a food truck business from beginning to end.
The Blog – this is really the life of In this spot, we publish the latest news, interviews with culinary experts, and other amazing content.
How to get funding – this is actually one of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our readers. If ever you are in this situation, the answers will be posted here on the news page or the blog page. We usually post news, information, and guide on the common ways food truck business owners are getting funding.
Vendor services – in case you are interested in selling or buying a food truck, you may check this section of the Website. There are thousands of mobile food business owners who visit every month, so make it easier for you to connect with the right prospective seller or buyer.

Why our updates are relevant

Food trucks provide the opportunity for business owners to shape their own track, develop a brand that serves the food they love, and succeed in getting financial freedom. However, there is always a catch because operating a food truck business is a lifestyle that needs a huge amount of hard work and dedication to keep on going.

If you are serious about creating a food truck brand, there are advanced steps that we recommend you to complete before starting a venture in the mobile food industry. Now, the updates that we post are relevant because they are all about:

Writing a business plan – for sure, if you see an update about writing a business plan, this is going to be worth of your time. We will help you on how to express the brand of your food truck business, how to plan to get business (getting catering gigs, parking downtown), and how you want to be distinguished. If you have not accomplished this step, our news updates can help you out with it.

Developing a menu – this can help you determine the food items that you want to serve. Through this, you will know the cooking equipment required and it will have an impact on the size of the food truck you need.

Learning local laws – our news updates also covers the rules and regulations concerning the operation of a food truck business. These can vary greatly from one city to another, even if their location is only a few miles apart. We can provide you information on how to contact the city hall of the cities you wish to regularly conduct your business at to make sure that your mobile food truck meets the required standard for the area you will be operating in. Our updates may also help you provide information on whether or not you need special permits.

Contributing an article

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Guidelines in submitting an article

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What makes it worthy to be published – make sure that your contribution is unique and clearly expressed.
Do a proper research – if your contribution will be an opinion piece, it has to be provocative and moving. If it will be persuasive, make sure that is based on verifiable facts.
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